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We take your customer what they want we get requirement and what they need and get their ideas and we make moke layout wireframe and get the approval from the customer and go for the code.


After the design layout, we go for code implementation. First, we create the UI Design for the entire project and test the UI and UX of the project after that we go for the functional implementation.


After the code and functionality work completed, we combine all the code into the complete build. And test the building code and functionality working properly in the stage environment.


We also do the search engine optimization for your web application. We improve the accessibility of your web site and web application on the web and search engine. And also to improve the accessibility of the site and application ineffective inside your site to the user.

We have Strength in

Our Own Services


IconBasket for exclusive created for icons. We create the icon for design, web and mobile application. IconBasket have the seven different icons format PNG, PNG Base 64, SVG, SVG Base 64, ICO, ICNS, EPS. And PNG and SVG Base 64 format icons have seven different sizes. All the icon in the IconBasket is available free download. And we have the tool to convert the icon to Base 64 Format.

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TeemBasket we have the template for website, blog, and mobile apps. TeemBasket we create the template for Web Site, Blogger Blog, WordPress, HTML5 Template and Mobile App Template. We have the template for free and premium. The free template you can directly download it for free this template come under the Creative Commons (CC) license. The premium you can pay and use the templates.

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LabW3 here we give the tutorials and reference manuals with examples for css3, html5, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery etc. And also we give guidance on how to create the site and hosting related problems. We create the source code for your web and mobile application plugins. LabW3 we create a lot of tools to ease your daily office and coding work. We have a website responsive checker tool.

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Tricks School

Tricks School for reading the tech update around you. We have the latest update about an app, software and upcoming release about tech. We gave the solution for technical problems in web and software.

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